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South Coast Sailboats

Replaced top hatch slides

With time and age the original pop top slide guides had worn out and cracked. I replaced these with new slide guides that I had routed out of cedar two by fours. This worked very well, and proved to be a reasonably good upgrade. These were very easy to build, cost next to nothing.

Installed new grab bars on top of the hatch cover slides

One of the most simple and yet very effective upgrades I had made was to provide a pair of cabin top hand grips that are located on the top of the cabin hatch cover slide guides. These grips were fashioned out of cedar wood, mounted on top of the top of the cabin hatch cover slide, and then secured using galvanized 3/8" lag bolts installed from inside the cabin. These grips are very helpful in maneuvering my body around the top of the cabin sole from the cotpit (in both directions). These were very easy to build, cost next to nothing, and provide a great deal of additional security when moving around front the cotpit to the cabin sole or vice versa. (A couple of great suggestion)

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